Otway Ranges (2008)

The Otway Ranges is a coastal range between Melbourne and Adelaide, running up to some of the wildest seas off Australia and spectacular rock formations. The Twelve Apostles, a series of coastal rock stacks are the most well known... but no visitor seems to be able to identify 12, it's either always more or less!
  • Aire Crossing 2, Otway Ranges
  • Aire Crossing, Otway Ranges
  • Backlit Beeches, Dandos
  • Bay of Islands B&W
  • Bay of Islands
  • Beeches in B&W
  • Couple of Bonus Apostles Thrown In
  • Johanna Beach B&W 2
  • Johanna Beach B&W
  • Mossy Bolts, Triplet Falls, Otway Ranges
  • Tree Moss, Otway Ranges
  • Triplet Falls, Otway Ranges
  • Twelve Apostles B&W